Our barefoot park

Enjoy a well deserved time out for body and soul in the middle of the beautiful Spreewald.

If you are looking for a sensuous experience of nature that can also have a positive influence on your health, we welcome you to the oasis of relaxation for your feet – the barefoot park in Burg in the idyllic Spreewald!

Discover the more than 25 stations in our barefoot park, from tactile routes and skill tests to Kneipp´s water applications. The surfaces change between wood, sand, stones or broken glass, among other things, and thus activate the different reflex zones and acupuncture points of the soles of the feet.
And the toes can also put their skills to the test on the obstacle course. All this not only trains your concentration, it also strengthens your foot muscles.

Water • Plants • Exercise • Nutrition and • Inner Balance

In the spirit of the “Kneipp” idea, the Barefoot Park offers you active and relaxing enjoyment in summer and winter and thus contributes to your well-being.
In doing so, we bring the five pillars of Kneipp medicine into harmony in our barefoot park.

Walking barefoot is nature’s remedy

Unfortunately, the health benefits of walking barefoot have been forgotten in our modern industrial society and are only part of everyday life for our children.
In our barefoot park, you can rediscover this medicine of nature.

Without constricting shoes, our feet can not only move freely – running “bottomless” offers above all health benefits that were already known to the famous Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821 – 1897).

Walking barefoot is an intense emotional experience.

This is because the feet have to adapt to the unevenness of the floor. The muscles activated in this way generate a lot of heat. With regular use, this muscle training not only makes the feet significantly warmer. Among other things, it also makes the feet less vulnerable to pain.
And for those who fear that “walking naked” on meadows or forest floors is unhygienic and therefore not good for your health, rest assured: The tannins in the soil strengthen the acid mantle of the skin. In this way, any germs can be warded off very well.


Sebastian Kneipp recommended walking barefoot …
…as an effective cure because it
  • exercises the foot muscles
  • strengthens tendons, ligaments and joints of the feet
  • has a positive effect on the spine
  • prevents the development of varicose veins and venous disorders
  • activates the self-healing process
  • stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • promotes blood circulation
  • strengthens the immune system
  • has a regulating effect on blood pressure
  • helps to reduce stress and relaxes the body
  • supports concentration
Pets in the park

A pet is also part of many people’s leisure activities. Therefore, we understand that a dog, for example, is taken along for an outing in nature. For hygienic reasons, however, animals are not allowed in the barefoot area. If you still want to bring a pet, you are sure to find a shady spot for your four-legged friend. There he can wait for you until you are done with all the activities.

For all those who still have reservations: The proof of the pudding is in the eating!
Walking barefoot is nature’s remedy.

So come along and visit the barefoot park in Burg. Your feet will thank you!

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